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RELATE ITN Multi-Skills Training Camp

4th RELATE ITN Multi-Skills Training Camp held in London, October 9-11, 2013.

The 4rd Multi-Skills Training Camp (MSTC) of the RELATE network was held in King’s College London, United Kingdom from 9 to 11 October 2013, and hosted by the Department of Informatics, Research Group: Software Modelling and Applied Logic.

Following from the previous RELATE MSTCs, during the three days of the meeting fellows, supervisors and advisory board members had the chance to meet with each other and to exchange new research results and to discuss recent challenges of the individual research projects.

Day 1 started with a keynote speech by Dr. Ashiq Anjum from the University of Derby. Afterwards the day was reserved for the presentation of the individual research projects by the fellows. Each fellow had the time to present his latest progress and the first prototypes which had been installed. Afterwards the participants of the meeting provided further feedback and discussed individual issues and challenges with the presenters.

Day 2 was dedicated to individual break-out groups hosted by the Experienced Researchers. During these sessions the fellows had the chance to work together on a specific topic and to let that lead to a further collaborations, such as a conference or workshop paper.

In the morning session of Day 3 the outcomes and results of the previous day have been presented + the further outline. The afternoon session was dedicated to two research management sessions, in which the fellows got an insight into “Research Ethics” (Steffen Zschaler, KCL) and “How to gather Research Funding” (Stelios Pantelopoulous, SILO).

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