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Student theses

Our research is focused on hot topics in the areas of Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Software-as-a-Service, SOA, Green IT and Data Center Management. A number of thesis opportunities in these areas are currently open.

More open theses at SDQ can be found here. Please read further information on Diploma/Bachelor/Master Thesis and on Seminar works. We are also working in close cooperation with industry and offer the possibility of doing an internship at an industrial partner as part of the thesis project.

Open Theses

Quantification of the Impact of Elastic Cloud Environment Properties on IDS Benchmarking Metrics

In this thesis, you will perform experiments that involve use of novel intrusion detection systems (IDSes) in order to investigate the relationship between the performance of these systems and the elastic properties of...[more]

By:Aleksandar Milenkoski


Current Theses

Parallel Simulation of Queueing Petri Net Models

The major goal of this thesis is the improvement of the performance of SimQPN by using parallel simulation techniques.[more]

By:Simon Spinner


Closed Theses

DSL for Modeling Dynamic Workload Profiles

The goals of this thesis include the definition of a DSL for workload profiles considering their elements and composition. In addition, this thesis includes the implementation of an extension for an existing workload generation...[more]

By:Nikolas Herbst

Elasticity Benchmarking in Cloud Environments

The goal of this thesis is the development of a measurement methodology for elasticity metrics together with an implementation targeting IaaS and PaaS platforms.[more]

By:Nikolas Herbst

Workload forecasting in Cloud Computing environments

Changes of the workload profile directly affect the usage of available resources. Therefore, resource configuration and reallocation techniques are applied to use these available resources efficiently[more]

By:Nikolaus Huber

Evaluating Approaches to Resource Demand Estimation

Motivation Managing the performance, availability and resource efficiency of running software systems proactively requires techniques to predict the system’s performance and resource consumption. Typically, performance...[more]

By:Fabian Brosig

Diplom- / Masterarbeit: Experimentelle Analyse virtueller Umgebungen

Motivation Existierende Virtualisierungslösungen wie z.B. Xen, KVM, VMware oder auch OpenVZ ver-sprechen die Konsolidierung von Servern ohne nennenswerte Performance-Einbußen. Gleichzeitig bieten viele dieser Ansätze die...[more]

By:Nikolaus Huber

Diplom-/Masterarbeit: Erweiterung des PCM um ereignisbasierte Kommunikation

Motivation In betrieblichen Anwendungen spielt ereignisbasierte Kommunikation eine zentrale Rolle. Dienstorientierte Architekturen (engl. Service-oriented Architectures) nutzen dieses Konzept, um dieKommunikationen sowohl...[more]

By:Christoph Rathfelder

Diplom/Masterarbeit: Automated Extraction of Palladio Component Models from Running Enterprise Java Applications

Motivation To ensure that a software system meets its performance requirements during system operation, the ability to predict its performance under different configurations and workloads is highly valuable. To enable performance...[more]

By:Samuel Kounev

Diplom/Masterarbeit: Performance Modeling of Storage Virtualization

Motivation Virtualization techniques offer the possibility to use highly available and efficient computer systems to consolidate a multiplicity of serves on one single machine. This need for big, virtualized hardware requires...[more]

By:Christoph Rathfelder

Diplom-/Masterarbeit: Transformation von Palladio-Modellen auf Queueing-Petri-Netze

Motivation Ein aktueller Trend bei der Entwicklung komplexer Software-Systeme stellt die Verwendung modellgetriebener Performanz-Vorhersageverfahren dar. Bei solchen Verfahren werden entwurfsorientierte Performanz-Modelle...[more]

By:Samuel Kounev, Heiko Koziolek

Studien-/Bachelorarbeit: Filterung, Aggregation und Visualisierung von QPN-Analyseergebnissen

Motivation Ein aktueller Trend bei der Entwicklung betrieblicher Anwendungssysteme ist die Verwendung von Performanz-Modellen und entsprechenden Modellierungswerkzeugen, die es ermöglichen die Performanz und Skalierbarkeit des...[more]

By:Samuel Kounev